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Budget 2016

Total of 2016 municipal budget

61.915.000 d




First title*

41.140.000 d

36.465.000 d

Second title*

20.775.000 d

25.450.000 d


First title : the financial action credits required for the municipality *

Second title : private credits for researches and development *

:Sfax municipal budget privacy for 2016 *

 The municipal budget has increased compared to the previous year budget which was estimated at 59.990.000 d by 4%-

The year of 2016 is an exceptional year in finacial disposition with an annual municipal investment program launched by the end of the previous year, based on participatory projects in cooperation with the citizen.nas for the privacy of these projects, it is to identify the year of its completion for one year, i.e, the municipal investment program for 2016 will implement its projects during the same year

-The municipality of sfax has followed a participatory method in giving the opportunity for the inhabitants of the municipal area to choose projects in their residence. The amount of these projects represents more than 3 million dinars and 7 thousand dinars in the public lighting and roads field depending on the participatory municipal budget: it is a mechanism for improving communication and partnership between the municipality and the citizen, and for promoting municipal work and selecting projects that are compatible with his ambitions.

-In 2017,  the municipality of Sfax will also undergo this same experiment for further openness to its surroundings and give the opportunity for the citizen to take part in  decision- making the citizen's and choose what suits him in the projects that interest him.