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License to demolish a property for reconstruction

Legislative and regulatory references

 Law No. 122 of 1994 dated on November 28, 1994 relating to the edition of Land Initialization and Reconstruction Journal, as it was completed and revised by subsequent texts

- Law No. 87 of 1983 dated on November 11, 1983 about the protection of agricultural lands.

- Law No. 35 of 1986 dated on May 9, 1986 about the Protection of Archaeology, Natural and Urban locations.

- The Minister’s decision of Equipment, Housing and Land Initialization dated on 17 April 2007 regarding the regulation of documents constituting the construction permit file, its validity, extension period, and the conditions for its renewal.

- Decision of the Minister of Equipment, Housing and Land initialization dated on April 17, 2007 regarding the regulation to the composition and method of the municipal committees for building permits.

- Decision of the Minister of Equipment and Housing dated on August 10, 1995, regarding the regulation of exceptional cases that do not require the use of an architect to prepare engineering examples and construction projects.

- The decision of the Minister of Equipment and Housing dated on August 10, 1995, regarding the regulation of works related to the making of regular or necessary changes or repairs to an existing building that do not require a building permit

Conditions for having service

- The citizen must own the property to be built on

- This piece must come from an approved division, and that its nature do not contradict the assignment used as a configuration for the area.

-  Respecting the established regulations regarding the protection of agricultural lands, in terms of monuments, historical monuments, natural and urban locations, and protected locations.

-  The citizen must submit a complete obligatory file in accordance with the legislation in question.

The required documents

Submit a file containing the following documents:

1) A request on plain paper signed by the applicant or his representative.

2) A certificate of ownership, entitlement judgment, or other document in the applicant's possession of the piece of land to be built.

3) A deposit receipt declaring a tax on the income of natural persons or a tax on companies.

4) Payment receipt for the expenses employed on the property of the building permit application.

5) A construction project in three (3) counterparts corresponding to the urban arrangement of the area where the building will be located, knowing that it is not obligatory to prepare this project by an architect who is registered in the Deanship of Engineers Schedule.

6) Approval of the relevant departments of the Ministry of State Property, if the property is built or not built, public or, protected or classified, or located within 200 meters, alongside natural, cultural, archaeological, preserved, or historical locations.

7) The prior approval of the Ministry in charge of equipment and housing, if the property in question is occupied by two tenants having the right to stay.

Filing placement

- Technical service in the Municipality or the municipal department

Placement for having service

 Technical service in the Municipality or the municipal department

  - Within 45 days from the date of submitting the complete file   

- Within 90 days, as the building is about 200 meters of natural, cultural, archeological, preserved, or historical locations

- The license is delivered from the mayor’s decision.

- The validity of the license lasts one year, starting from the date of handing it over to its owner

- The validity of this license is extended for the same period by submitting a normal request if there is no change in the construction project. This request must be returned to the municipality a month before the expiry of the validity period of the demolition permit decision for the construction to be extended.

-  The license is renewed under the same conditions and given procedures.