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Temporary occupancy license for the public domain

Legislative and regulatory references :

- Chapters 105, 111 and 112 of the Basic Law on Municipalities No. 33 of 1975 dated on May 14, 1975, as completed and revised by subsequent texts.

- Law No. 59 of 2006 dated on August 14, 2006, on violations of the health-care arrangement in areas belonging to local communities.

- Chapter 86 of Law No. 11 of 1997 dated on February 3, 1997 relating to the issuance of the local tax code as completed and revised by subsequent texts.

- The order dated on January 15, 1914, regarding the occupation of the public domain.

- Order No. 1428 of 1998 dated on July 13, 1998 regarding the regulation of the tariffs for the costs licensed to local public groups to extract them as completed and revised by subsequent texts, especially Order No. 80 of 2004 dated on 14 January 2004.

- Ordinance No. 362 of 2007 dated on February 19, 2007 relating to the regulation of conditions and formulas for temporary occupancy and the obligation of public attachment in the municipal public domain.

- Ordinance No. 1866 of 2007 of July 23, 2007, fixing the list of violations of the health-care arrangement in areas occupied by the local groups and the required sins.

- The municipal decision regarding the regulation of the tariff for the licensed lands to be extracted by the local groups.

- Brochure of the municipal conditions related to advertisement and advertisement panels

Conditions for having the service :

Occupancy subject: The public road may be occupied in the following cases:

- Annual occupation of part of the sidewalk (or similar) to engage in professional activity, by placing exhibits (flowers, vegetables, crops, plants, etc.) in front of a commercial store or an establishment.

-  Occupation for a specified period on the occasion of events, cultural activities, or on the occasion of building construction.

Occupancy limits:

 - A license for occupancy for the purpose of practicing the profession is not permitted, except in the part of the sidewalk (or similar) that is connected directly or indirectly to the professional or commercial activity of the shop or institution requesting.

- The license and the requirements for the comfort of the residents do not contravene the liquidity of traffic, whether for men or for vehicles.

- The application can be submitted by the person carrying the commercial activity, institution or works.

The required documents :

- A request on plain paper specifying the main data: the full address of the shop, the subject matter, its location, duration, and justification for the need for it.

- Manual drawing showing the sidewalk, the required space with sizes.

- A copy of the applicant’s ID card.

- Building permit for construction works.

- Legal permits (For shops prepared as cafes or restaurants).

Filing placement :

- Civil Status service in the municipality or the municipal department

Placement for having the service :

Civil Status service in the municipality or the municipal department.

- The validity of the license in the temporary occupancy of the public property lasts a year at the latest, renewable, according to the absolute discretion of the municipality.

- The license to occupy the public domain is temporary and can be revoked at all times. The beneficiary has no right, and he cannot claim any compensation.