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A conformity certificate

Legislative and regulatory references :  

- Law No. 75 of 2004 dated on August 2, 2004 on the deletion of licenses and review of administrative obligations regarding some commercial, tourist and leisure activities.

- Order No. 2475 of 2000 dated on October 31, 2000 regarding the unified procedure for initiating individual projects.

-  Order No. 1876 of 2004 dated on August 11, 2004 related to the validity of the shop and the protection certificate.

- The Minister of the Interior and the Local Development’s decision dated on August 17, 2004 related to regulation ofconditions and formulas for the delivery of the protection certificate as revised by the decision of the Minister of the Interior and Local Development dated on July 7, 2006.

-Decision of the Minister of the Interior and Local Development dated on September 10, 2004, approving the specified Brochure of Conditions for the exploitation of first class cafes.

- Publication No. 26 dated on August 23, 2006 clarifying procedures for the exploitation of first class cafes.

Conditions for having the service :

   This certificate pertains only to the stores operating the first class drinks’ sales activity: coffee shop, tearoom, refreshment stall.

The required documents :

    - A request in the name of the mayor

   - A copy of the ID card

   -  Lease contract for the shop (and the added store if necessary).

   - An architectural example of the store in the event of difficulties in determining the area (ongoing construction works, the intention of making expansion because of insufficient original area of the store.

Filing placement :

- Central Adjustment Office

Placement for having the service :

- Health Control Service

   One week from the date of filing the request

   This certificate determines the extent of the shop's conformity with respect to the conditions stipulated in the terms and conditions exclusively related to the following elements.

   - Location

   - Area

   - The separation distance with places of worship, educational, sports and health institutions, as well as with similar places.