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The conclusion of a marriage contract

Legislative and regulatory references :

- Chapters 15 and 32 to 39 of Law No. 3 of 1957 of August 1, 1957 related to the organizing of the civil status as it was completed and revised with the subsequent texts.

- The order dated on August 13, 1956 related to the issuance of the Personal Status Code, as it was completed and revised in the subsequent texts.

- The basic laws on active wires, customs agents, the national army, and diplomatic agents.

Conditions for having the service :

- Provides all legal conditions for men and women to be able to marry (reaching the legal age of -18 years or a court license otherwise).

- Couple satisfaction

- They are free from legal impediments by the testimony of two witnesses of trust people.

- Labelling the wife's dowry

The required documents :

Submit a file containing the following documents:

- Birth certificate for both couples

- Medical certificate to complete the marriage

- A copy of the ID card or a valid passport proving the identity of both spouses

- Court permission for those under the legal age

- Written approval known to the guardian if he did not attend the contract-signing ceremony, in cases where one or both spouses has not reached the legal age.

- Death certificate of the husband or the wife for the widows

- Birth certificate in which divorce is declared( for the divorced man or woman)

- Power of attorney to conclude the marriage contract, if necessary

- A license from the administration for those belonging to the Internal Security Forces (National Police, National Guard agents), civil protection agents, customs officers, the military, and diplomatic sector.

- Certificate from the consulate or embassy regarding the possibility of concluding a marriage contract for foreigners.

- A certificate in embracing the Islamic religion for non-Muslims wishing to marry a Tunisian Muslim woman.

- Certificate of non-affiliation with any marital relationship for foreigners

- showing the ID card of the two witnesses( with importance of legal requirements’ availability for both witnesses)

- Complete  and sign the document choosing the Property subscription system or not between spouses (optional)

Filing placement :

                                                                                                         Civil Status service in the municipality or the municipal department-

Placement of having the service :

-Civil Status service in the municipality or the municipal department


• The concerned parties (the spouses or their representatives by virtue of a power of attorney) must:

- Submit a request to the civil status officer

- Submit the necessary documents

- Set a date for the marriage

- Both witnesses and the civil status officer, in addition to the spouses, sign the marriage contract