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Decree of allotment approval

Legislative and regulatory references :

- Law No. 122 of 1994 dated on November 28, 1994 relating to the edition of the Land Initialization and Reconstruction journal, as it was completed and revised by subsequent texts

- The minister of Equipment and Housing’s decision dated on October 19, 1995 regarding the seizure of the documents constituting the division file, including specifications, as well as methods and formulas for approval

- The minister of Equipment and Housing’s decision dated on October 19, 1995 regarding the regulation of the composition of the technical committees of divisions and their methods of functioning

Conditions for having the service :

The applicant must be an owner to the property in question

That the real estate dye and the allocation provided are not inconsistent with the example of preparation for the area

The citizen must submit a complete obligatory file in accordance with the legislation in question

The required documents :

Submit a file containing the following documents:

1) A request issued on a special publication received by the administration, signed by the owner, owners, or their agents

2) A memorandum of presentation of the partitioning process, in particular:

  • the orderly measures provided for in the example of urban development,
  • Technical characteristics of the plot (slope, exposure to natural factors ...) - The urban approach used in the partitioning process, especially its compatibility with the surrounding urban environment and taking into account the architectural, urban, social and economic style of the region or the region. The program to be implemented, according to the type of housing and public facilities.

3) A document of ownership (real estate fee, title contract, entitlement judgment ...),

4) Site example of the land to be divided.

5) An example of a real estate drawing if the land is registered, and if the land is not registered, for example, a person diagnoses it with a scale of at least 1000/1 related to the geographical coordinates and prepared by a surveyor engineer,

6) An example showing the different heights from the surface of the land to be divided and the adjacent lands according to its current position, on a scale of at least 1000/1 prepared by a surveyor engineer.

The example also shows the existing buildings and plantings, the basis of the approved divisions, and the general installations related to or adjacent to the land, and furthermore specifies the part that the divider does not intend to divide, if the license requirement does not matter to the entire property.

7) A division example of at least 1/1000 scale that includes indicating numbering, area and allocation of exchanges, underlining the spaces for housing cars and road sites, linking them to existing roads, providing the division with various networks and waiting columns to pass them when necessary,

8) A camel drawing showing the general structure of the project and a brief diagram of the project's sizes in three dimensions. When necessary, grate from a miniature model or other means that would enable the visualization of the project embodiment in relation to the divisions equal or exceeding the area of five hectares.

9) The conditions for the specific division of the rights and duties of the exchange and the buyers or justified of the participant, as well as the induction and clearance program.

The booklet of conditions includes urban arrangements in which third parties oppose relating to controlling rules and agreements of general interest to which the data are subject according to their type and characteristics, as well as the rules and agreements governing sites designated for constructions of collective interest and for vacant or green spaces. This brochure must also provide for the possibility that the urban arrangement for division will be terminated, and that it conform to the model conditions book accompanying this decision.

10) A discretionary calendar on completion and completion of works,

11) A certificate from each competent authority proving that the land to be divided can be cleared or provided with drinkable water, electric power, or capable of being connected to the communication network.

12) Conditions and how to complete the works in the form of doing them in stages,

13) A memorandum or study related to the effects of the ocean partition project, according to the legislation and arrangements in effect.

14) A dressing decision if the property to be divided is adjacent to the public road king or the marine public property. Note: Documents “1”, “3” and “5” are presented in three isotopes and the remainder of the documents are presented in seven isotopes.

Filing placement :

Central Adjustment Office

Placement for having the service :

Technical service in the Municipality or the municipal department

The administrative decision is taken no later than 4 months from the date the file was submitted in full.

The requester is notified of the decision within one month of the date it was taken.