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Municipal Palace

The municipal palace stands in the center of the modern city or the European one and opens onto El Habib Bourguiba Avenue in parallel with the main entrance to the historical city.

The municipal palace attracts the viewers with its fantastic and beautiful external architecture and internal antiques.

This unique monument was designed by the French architect Rafael Gui who combined the Arabic Morski character with the European one.

The building project of the municipality palace was launched at the beginning of the 20th century, where the municipality presented a tender for this purpose in the newspaper” the Sfax Dabash” on 30 June 1904 and started construction work in the late 1905 and ended in 1906.

In 1912, expansion works were initiated gradually until about 1943.

The municipality building was finished after the Second World War in 1955.

قصر البلدية أثناء البناء

This beautiful monument was built by a group of architects and builders, mostly Italian Sicilian, Maltese and Tunisians.

فريق بناء قصر البلدية

The Municipal Palace of Sfax is topped by a beautiful dome, accompanied by an elegant minaret in which there are watches to give time to inhabitants.

In the southern part of the ground floor, we find the Archaeological Museum of Sfax, which was established in 1907 by the French Jill Go. This museum contains various archaeological collections (mosaics, pottery, crystal, cash...) which were discovered in the archeological sites of Sfax (Tina, Akula, Tafrourah...) and extended over all historical periods, from pre-historic to Islamic times.

فسيفساء أريون
 فسيفساء دانيال