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license of the establishment of advertising panels’ (pillars, suspensions, writing)

Legislative and regulatory references :

- Chapter 81, first paragraph of the Municipal Basic Law No. 33 of 1975 dated on May 14, 1975, as completed and revised by subsequent texts.

- Chapter 86 of Law No. 11 of 1997 dated on February 3, 1997 relating to the issuance of the local tax code as completed and revised by subsequent texts.

- Law No. 59 of 2006 dated on August 14, 2006 related to violations of health-care arrangements in areas belonging to local groups.

- Order No. 656 of 1987 dated on February 20, 1987 related to the regulation of conditions and formulas for the establishment of public pillars on the state's public ownership of the roads or on the neighboring properties.

- Order No. 1428 of 1998 dated on July 13, 1998 regarding the regulation of the tariffs for the costs licensed to local public groups to extract them.

-  Order No. 1866 of 2007 dated on July 23, 2007, fixing the list of violations of the health-care arrangement in the areas belonging to local groups and the required sins.

Municipal Decision related to regulation of the tariff for the licensed costs for local communities in extracting them.

-  Brochure of the municipal conditions related to advertisement and advertising panels.

Conditions for having the service :

-The license requires all equipment, costs, or writing whether it’s related to an advertising panel on the public road, a luminous or non-illuminated sign, writing  on the front of a commercial or non-commercial store, and whatever its subject is commercial or not, regardless of the way it is accomplished or who is doing it.

- Advertising equipment is prohibited if its content contains:

*Determine an area with a directional arrow or a distance in kilometer

* Imitating a traffic sign or a sign

The required documents :

- A request in the name of the mayor, signed by the applicant that includes the necessary data: required location, area, occupancy period, address, and statement of need.

- Examples or drawings to be clear in terms of content, shape and measurements in relation to the sign or text and the area to be occupied by the interface in relation to writing.

Filing placement  :

- The concerned municipal service or the municipal department

Placement for having the service :

- The concerned municipal service or the municipal department

20 days from the date of filing thee request

   The license is valid for a maximum one year, renewable, according to the absolute discretion of the administration.