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Property registering certificate in the municipal collection schedule

Legislative and regulatory references :  

- Chapter 67 of the Basic Law on Municipalities No. 33 of 1975 dated on May 14, 1975 as completed and revised by subsequent texts.

- Order No. 1428 of 1998 of July 13, 1998, fixing the tariff of costs authorized for local public groups to pay them.

Conditions for having the service :

    - The person concerned must be the owner of the property

   - Or to have a power of attorney authorizing him to dispose of the property

   - Payment of the costs entitled Costs on real estate

The required documents :

   - Request on paper with quotes on the full title of the property

   - What signifies that the real estate in question is not burdened with a debt for the benefit of the concerned local community, entitled Costs on Real Estate.

Filing placement :

Municipal tax authority

Placement for having the service :

Municipal tax authority

                                                                                                         Within a week of submitting the file

  • A certificate of real estate registration in the municipal ownership is not an argument for ownership
  • This certificate, or the information contained therein, shall not be delivered only to those concerned